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R2C: the 2-Cycle Refactory

Recycle2Cycle is a native impact start-up, the first carbon-neutral industrial company dedicated to the circular economy of cycles and soft mobility vehicles. R2C relies on artificial intelligence and an innovative industrial tool to process large deposits and redistribute them in multichannel.

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Collect & logistics program

After having analyzed with you the different constraints you face, we define the different logistical solutions available to ensure the collection of the cycles you have recovered. Daily, weekly, monthly collection, provision of containers, reverse logistics, pooling, etc.


We provide you with a used bike trade-in calculation tool allowing you to offer your customer a corresponding voucher. We can undertake to take back the second-hand bike from you at the same price if you wish.

Resell & insurance

We manage for you the reconditioning of your second-hand bicycles taken back within the framework of your operations with your customers or during the renewal of fleets. We can also take care of their sale once reconditioned. We offer you the possibility of setting up dedicated insurance solutions.

Engineering & parts program

We provide you with a stock of spare parts of different quality grades. These spare parts range from the frame to the various accessories present on a bicycle.

0EM & Custom Fleet program

We define with you the model of bike that meets your expectations. Our study and design office can submit various proposals to you. The proposals you select will be accompanied by an estimate for the production of your white label cycle or your customized fleet, in our workshop in France.


Complete solution including collect & logistics program, buy-back program, resell program.

Our manifesto

Giving new life to bikes

In a context of ecological emergency, the transition to a circular economy is one of the major solutions to meet the need to limit our consumption of resources.

In France more than 1.5 million bicycles are thrown away each year and more than 11 million bicycles sleep in our cellars or garages! That's more than 15 million bicycles thrown away each year in Europe.

The boom in the bicycle market, since Covid, continues. New uses, new habits, extreme pressure on the cost of energy only further develop the practice of cycling. This is supported by the public authorities and Europe, which are both committed to bicycle plans to constantly increase and improve the dedicated infrastructures.

Because cycling is positive in more ways than one: for health, for the planet, for public finances (more cycling = less health costs), for our personal finances, for the local or national economy,... 

Sales records were recorded in all countries. More than 20 million bicycles were sold in 2021 in Europe. This shows that the bike is anchored in the uses a little more each day.

This explosion in cycle sales promises to last for several years. Customers' appetite for ethical, sustainable products with a positive impact continues to grow. Uses change, wishes are renewed, the traction of the bike promises to be strong for a long time! 

Passionate about cycling, convinced by the circular economy, keen to provide solutions, happy to create an impact company, we therefore naturally chose to set up the bike refactory: the first carbon-neutral industrial company dedicated to circular economy of cycles. This adventure promises to be beautiful and we are happy to be able to associate you with it.

  • Erwann, Jean & Julien, founders of Recycle2cycle

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