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At recycle2cycle we have put together a guide on the different grades of our used bikes based on the condition of each.

The reconditioning of second-hand bicycles is not an easy task, indeed we recover your future bicycles, whether they are electrically assisted bicycles, Dutch bicycles or mountain bikes, in various states. Sometimes these bikes are in bad shape, so in order to be as transparent as possible with you, we have created grades to inform you about the aesthetics and general condition of each bike. Some of our used bikes are marked by time and have traits that we do not want to take back...

This choice is due to the interest that we bring to offer you not only a second-hand bike, but above all a unique piece sometimes steeped in history.

In this guide, you will have the opportunity to discover each grade in depth in order to better define your selection criteria when buying your future used bike.

The grades do not take into account the state of the battery of the electrically assisted bicycles, the latter are categorized in our battery maintenance guide, where you will learn more about caring for your semi-electric bikes and the right methods to take care of them.

I see coming the impatient who do not want to read the conditions of each grade, know that you will find at the end of this article a simplified table to understand the main points included in our categories.

Without further ado, let's get to the heart of the matter with a summary of the different grades:

  • Product like new
  • Very good state
  • Good condition
  • Good condition
  • Functional

Now that you have read the grades we will be able to define them.

Product as New (N)

Second-hand bikes with grade N are simply those in perfect working order and with no signs of use. For second-hand bikes, they can be described as rare pearls and it is also proof that second-hand is not synonymous with wreckage. At recycle we recover everything!

In this category, Recycle2cycle offers several models, such as our VTC Fahrrad Manufaktur T300 details of which you can find in our shop!

VTC Fahrrad Manufaktur T300

Very good condition (A)

Our bikes in very good state are recognizable by acronym A.

Whether hybrid bikes, cargo bikes or Dutch bikes, this grade includes bikes that have been used very little or not at all, with no noticeable signs of use and in perfect working order. It is nevertheless possible to find traces such as micro-scratches and some invisible traces of use more than 20 cm away, marks that prove the past history of our used bikes.

Second-hand bicycles very good state have nothing to envy to other products like new, indeed our Trek TM450+ allows us to support our words!

Trek TM450+

Good condition (B)

Some of our bikes are in good condition, that is to say that from a mechanical point of view they are at the top, they have no operating problems and the parts that may have caused problems have been replaced during the reconditioning. What makes these used bikes bikes in good condition is their aesthetic appearance, in fact the cycles with the acronym B are led to keep traces of their previous life such as visible scratches, rubbing on the mudguards.

So many points that make your future bike unique, we can say that they are alive and will continue their life by your side perhaps...

Our Babboe Carve Mountain is the perfect example.

Cargo Babboe Carve Mountain

Good state (C)

At recycle2cycle we recover any type of bicycle and we make sure to guarantee them a second life, which is why we have bicycles in our possession. good condition.

These are bikes mechanically similar to the second-hand bike in good condition, but much more visually recognizable, differentiation due to a much more damaged look sometimes definable by rust spots, scratches, etc...

Our Gazelle Heavy Duty has some traces of rust visible from afar, but this allows both to suit all budgets and at the same time to avoid worrying about potential scratches that could take place during your use.

Gazelle Heavy Duty

Functional (D)

Functional second-hand bikes at Recycle2cycle are a separate category, they can be used on a small budget.

This is a bike that has undergone a revision but whose parts have been deemed functional. So we didn't make any changes to these bikes. This grade makes it possible to classify bicycles at low prices and whose operation has been defined as suitable.

They can be described as an ugly duckling, a bicycle with a marked identity and a strong character. D'From an aesthetic point of view, they are generally marked by time, due to scratches, friction or highly visible rust.

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Guide to Refurbishment Grades

Conclusion :

As you may have seen in our guide, the terms of each grade are defined by different aspects of the bike, whether from an aesthetic point of view or from a mechanical point of view, our used bikes each have a own history and a different diagnosis (diagnosis visible in the description of each item in our shop). It is this "tailor-made" overhaul that allows us, through our catalog, to offer you the perfect second-hand bike for your needs.

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