Secure your bike against theft

As you know, every year, many people try to steal our bikes! Since January 2022, nearly 400,000 people have been victims of these thefts. Don't panic, we have the solutions to prevent thieves from stealing your bike.
  1. Choose a anti-theft hyper efficient of the AXA type (our favourite) and avoid chains, code locks and other “basic” ones. available here:
  2. Complete the safety of the bike with a second lock (Block XXL Bike lock on frame AXA) that we offer for sale or the leather cover made of fish skin (No, you're not dreaming). It is super resistant and provides optimal protection. As a general rule, we recommend between 2 and 3 locks, with those offered, so that you have peace of mind.
AXA-type integrated anti-theft device
  1. Do mark or tag your bike. At Recycle2cycle, when you buy your bike, we give you a QR code placed in the place of your choice. This QR code allows you to have your personal information such as telephone and contact, traceable in the event of theft or loss to recognize your bike.
bike marking auvray 1
anti-theft QR code
  1. Tie your bike systematically… We often think that “no one will take my bike in 2 minutes”… Well yes, and it happens more often than you think, so never hesitate to put on your lock!
  2. If you travel by VAE (electrically assisted bicycle), take or secure " a maximum " your battery and associated screen. Our Recycle2cycle electric bikes are already secured with a key integrated into the battery, but you can still remove the battery. As you see fit.
  3. Deflate the tires. Who wants to steal a bike that doesn't run? It will look worn or non-functional, isn't that the best way to scare away? The downside is that you will have to get up earlier in the morning to manage your commute time. This method is therefore recommended occasionally or if you leave for a medium/long period.
  4. Tie your bike to a strategic place, fixed and solid. Identify the places where the bikes are largely attached; places near you; those where you have a direct axis of visibility on your bike. Opt for hoops or bike racks, and poles longer than 2 meters are a good alternative. As a general rule, you need a support that is stronger than the lock, higher than the bike and fixed to ensure the security of the support. Do not attach them not too close to the ground, indeed it is much easier to destroy a lock if it is in contact with the ground, and therefore on a hard and flat surface. Nothing better than levitation for your lock!
City bike
  1. Carry with you all detachable or valuable items on your bike. Battery-operated front/rear light, saddlebags, baby carriers, and even the saddle if you're really scared! People are ready to sell everything today, and a bike without a saddle is like a car without a steering wheel, you can try but you won't get far!
  2. Integrate a anti-theft alarm. This is arguably the most reliable and efficient option. Unfortunately it does not protect all parts of the bike, you have to remain vigilant and that is what earned it its 9th place.
  3. Be paranoid and observer. We rarely tell you, we know, but for once, let your dark side take over, because thieves are on the lookout at all times! Don't neglect the neighborhood you are going to (avoid places that are not very visible and dark; with too strong or too weak an influence), don't overlook the unmistakable looks... At any moment, anything can happen so it is better to be safe than sorry!
  4. Get insurance! Our partners Sharelock offers you affordable insurance at low prices, 100% online, 100% transparent with you. Practical, economical and reliable, what more could you ask for?

We hope that these few tips will be useful to you and will allow your bike to always stay close to bypassing twisted minds.

See you soon, the Recycle2cycle team.

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