Size guide

Choose the right frame size for a city bike or electric bike.

The frame size of a Dutch bicycle is the distance expressed in cm between the bottom bracket axle (the base from where the pedal starts) and the saddle clamp. This is a determining element in the choice of a bike, because indeed, riding a bike with a suitable frame will be synonymous with comfort. Ideally, when you are seated on a bike, you should be able to put your toes on the ground when stationary, without contorting your pelvis. 

Method according to your inseam length

This method consists of measuring with a flexible tape measure the distance between your crotch and the ground. Stand with your back straight against a wall and barefoot. Spread the legs slightly (20 cm) and position a small book or level between the legs in support to reproduce the pressure of the saddle. Make sure the object you are using is parallel to the floor and measure the distance from the floor to the top of the object (book or level). Then use the following formula to calculate the correct frame size: your inseam in cm x 0.65 = your ideal frame size. The optimal position on a bike should require you to pedal with your legs almost stretched out when the pedal is down, without forcing you to wiggle your hips on the saddle, your pelvis should stay in line.

Method according to your height

This method is not the most accurate and is for guidance only. It will let you know in many cases, which frame size you should choose if you want to buy a city bike or a Dutch electric bike. For information, "universal" (or "open" or "women's") frames are low entry and "men's" (or "straight" or "diamond") frames are high entry.

Size S – 45 Size S corresponds to frame size 45. Low frame: It will suit people measuring between 1.53m and 1.60m. High frame: It will be suitable for people measuring less than 1.65m

Size M – 50 Size M corresponds to frame size 50. Low frame: It will suit people measuring between 1.58m and 1.70m. High frame: It will suit people measuring between 1.65m and 1.75m

Size L – 55 Size L corresponds to frame size 55 . Low frame: It will suit people measuring between 1.70m and 1.88m. High frame: It will suit people measuring between 1.75m and 1.88m

Size XL – 60 Size XL corresponds to frame size 60. Low frame: It will suit people measuring between 1.85m and 1.90m. High frame: It will suit people measuring between 1.88m and 2m.

Choosing the right saddle and riding position

The riding position is the crucial factor in choosing an optimal saddle. Depending on your riding style, the way your sit bones rest on the saddle varies considerably, which in turn affects the level of comfort.

Selle Royal saddles are ergonomically designed to fit all ischial bone widths and meet the anatomical needs of both men and women, ensuring pressure relief in the most sensitive areas. You can find our Selle Royal in our accessories section:

Select your correct riding position between 45° (athletic), 60° (moderate) or 90° (relaxed) to enjoy your rides without pain!

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